Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Room Tour and Facebook

Hai guys! Well this past weekend I started a difficult project that has needed to be done for quite a while: the redesigning of the doll room. So first I must post how the room looked before, right?!?! RIGHT!
But first, I made a Facebook page for Love That Doll! :D Go HERE or click our Facebook picture on the sidebar. Maybe give the page a like? You won't regret it. ;)
Now onto the show! :D

 "Hi! It's Mia today and I'm going to show you around our room."
 "First is the habitat, which is our simulated outdoor area. This is also where several of our A Doll Divided scenes took place, it changes seasonally."
 "This is the first bedroom of, ewww, Creekwater. There are pillow beds for three dolls, including McKenna Lilianna, and Gwendolyn and a bunk bed that's actually an old baby bed for Chrissa and Lucy."
"Right here is where the Livs and Frankie stay.  They all stay on this bed or in the chairs in front of it. This is between two bedroom sections."
 "Here is another part of Creekwater. This is actually where I used to live before I joined Kit. But anyway, here we have a pillow bed for Alyssa and Marisol with two Ikea beds for Evelyne, Lanie, Felicity, and Daphne as well as a bunk bed for Maggie and Rebecca. This is actually kind of a cool area."
 "Where I am right now is in front of a bookshelf with all of the stuff that Phoebe doesn't know what to do with. And her laptop. Because we're listening to music on YouTube."
 "And here is part of the greatest section in this room! The Kitland bedroom! Here we have two awesome pillow beds for Kit, Emily, Jessica, and Cammrie plus two Target beds for Gwen and Sonali."
"Here's the other part of Kitland with my retired bedroom set from 2008 where I obviously stay and an OG bed where Julie sleeps."
 "Over here is Creekwater's previously nice room because it has fan blade floor boards we use to store bodies- I mean papers. That was a joke. But anyway this is an OG bed that Elizabeth sleeps in."
 "This is the last bedroom with two pillow beds for Christina, Nicole, Samantha, and Molly."
"Over here on the other side of the habitat is more stuff we don't know what to do with. And a clock we used as a music stand once."
 "Now this is the kitchen. It's such a mess we didn't even try to clean it up for photos."
 "On the other half of the closet is the living area which is also a disaster."
 "Lastly on top of the table that doubles as the habitat we have a bathroom where Phoebe just sits stuff when she needs to move it but doesn't want to put it away yet."
"That's it! Stay tuned for the transformation! I hope you enjoyed this post! As well as our kitty poster."

Peace Out Folks,


  1. She's super cute!! Cute room!!

  2. That's cool! Unfortunately I can't look at your Facebook page since I don't have a Facebook account. I'm sure it's pretty awesome though! :)

    I love your doll room!!!

  3. Cool rooms! I love your simulated outdoor area - adding the clouds and sun is a nice touch! The baby bed-turned-bunk bed was a wonderful idea; I'm glad you found a way to repurpose something you don't use anymore.

    Mia looks quite pretty here, by the way!

  4. The room is adorable! Wish we Spicys had one so nice!

  5. Wow! I've seen your doll room in person, so I already know what it looks like. I still less-than-three seeing it, though! ;) But it still looks really nice! I need to work on making my doll room a lot bigger, more elaborate, and better in general... <.< *goes to work*


  6. Wow, you have a lot of doll things! That's so cool! (yes, I do mean that) ;) I really like your blog design, too. =D
    http://theonlinestoryclub.blogspot.com/ (do you like writing???)
    http://storytellerofwestoncounty.blogspot.com/ (first blog!) ;)
    http://areyouadragonmaster.blogspot.com/ (go find out!)
    Wow, that was a mouthful! =D


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