Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What now, Creekwater? (A Doll Divided Series)

It was a difficult time for Creekwater, with six of their previous residents going off to create their own town. These six were busy demolishing a corner of the house, preparing for their own things to be moved in.

"Thanks so much for coming with me, Jessica. This means a lot. I think you'll really like it here with Kit," Cammrie said to her best friend while packing up Alyssa's stuffed animals.

 "Well Cammrie," began Jessica who only left Creekwater for her friendship with Cammrie and not because she actually believed in what they stood for. "This friendship is really important to me so I'll do whatever I can to keep it."
 "That's great and all, Jessica, and thanks again for coming with us, but could you maybe help pack stuff? That'd be great," Instructed the current leader, Kit, while she moved away Marisol's things.
 "Oh, sorry! Of course I'll help!" Jessica giggled as she made her way over to a nearby bed to move Julie's precious Nellie doll. "But doesn't it feel a little wrong moving our friends' things without their permission?"
 "Not at all! It's their own fault that we left. We have to have somewhere to stay anyway and all of their belongings are in our way. I have no problem with doing this," Sonali spoke harshly, without a hint of remorse in her voice.
 "I agree with Sonali," responded Mia bitterly, grabbing one of Chrissa's posters off of the wall where Sonali's bed would go. "It's there own fault that we left. We deserve some space, they deserve to have their things moved."

"Hey, what exactly do you think you're doing?" shouted Marisol at Emily and Kit, approaching her trunk. "This is my stuff! You can't just pack up my Care Bears without asking me first! You guys have no right to do this!"
"It's not our fault you couldn't move this on your own," answered Emily in a typical voice with a prowess about it. "We're simply doing you a favor."
 "A favor? You guys just can't walk up here and take away our beds! And move our stuff! What's wrong with the beds you have? I'm taking this back!" yelled Marisol, angrily taking her purple stuffed bear out of her own trunk that Kit was packing things into.
 "We all have to stay together. This is the spot we chose. Your stuff was in the way. So we moved it." Kit said flatly as she took Marisol's sheep and shoved it into the trunk.
 "You guys can't do this! It's ridiculous!"
 "What? What happened to all my stuff? It's all packed up! There's my bunny, and my doll, and.... Coconut?? This is my home, what are you six doing here?"

"You're childish belongings were in our way. We have just as much right to this area as anyone does." (I can't get this photo to cooperate... please excuse this. D:)

 "You lost your rights when you left Creekwater, Sonali!"
"Whatever... We're still going to get this room, Samantha."
 "Mia! You can't go! Stay with us! We're you're best friends and you just can't up and abandon us like this!" Daphne pleaded for one of her closest friends to stay as she attempted at moving her bed away.
"Friends? Really? When did this happen? I've made up my mind, Daphne! There's nothing you can do to stop me! And I'm taking this bed with me!" Mia growled back at her, angry at her one-time-friends.
 "Fine, Mia, go ahead and go! But don't take that bed with you! That belongs to Creekwater! You left that bed when you left us!" Lanie retorted back, showing that she actually had thoughts that didn't involve Warblers for once.
 "No! I was never a part of you! You four have literally ignored me for the past six months! I was never a part of you and I'll take my bed if I want to take it! You hear me, blondie??" This sudden outburst didn't have a particularly good effect, causing Lanie to hide behind Daphne.
"Mia, we're sorry. But seriously, you can't just take our only AG bed without permission!" Evey tried to be a peacemaker, but it failed for obvious reasons.
 The towns broke out into complete chaos....
 "Everyone STOP!" shouted the mayor of Creekwater standing atop the highest point in the room, the table the bathroom is on.
 This caught every one's attention from Emily and Marisol..... Mia and Daphne.
 "Right now is not a good place for us as two different communities. There are a lot of issues that can be easily seen. However, citizens of Creekwater that have stayed loyal, I thank you very much but though you have to remain loyal and proud we want to avoid as much conflict as possible. I feel this separation will be short lived. So, with that said, Kit you and your allies may take the corner of the room as well as the bed. Take whatever it is you need to set up your new sleeping arrangements. And Creekwater, I expect you to let them take this." Lucy gave a speech, surrendering the area and the bed over to Kit and the others.
"HA! What now Creekwater?"


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