Monday, July 23, 2012

Your move now, Creekwater! (A Doll Divided)

 "Well hello there, it looks like we have a new guest to Kitland. What brings you here?" Kit questioned the new guest while....
 Mia was glomped by her two excited younger cousins!
"MIA!" shouted Timmy as his sister and he attacked her.
"Uh! Hey guys!" Mia answered from underneath the pile of Bitties.
 "Well, Kit, I've decided that now is the right time to join the winning side of the game. Soon enough this whole battle will be over and we can be our own, so I think now would be a wise time to join forces," Gwen answered the other blond showing some of the rare intelligence she posses.
 "Well I guess that's why these two are here, too," concluded Mia, pushing away her young cousins.
 "I suppose welcome then. We're glad to have you."
"I'm glad you finally made the right choice, Gwen," said Sonali, walking up to her best friend.
"I knew the right choice all along, I just had to wait until the right time," Gwen answered.
 "YOUR MOVE NOW, CREEKWATER!" shouted the ever enthusiastic Cammrie.
"Cammrie, I thought we talked about this! No more yelling!" scolded Emily, annoyed by the other girl.
"Oh whoops, sorry Emily."
 Meanwhile, Julie walked up to the busy Lucy.
"Hey Lucy, can I talk to you about something?"
"Sure thing Julie, what is it?" Lucy answered among the papers.
"Well it's about the election."
"Oh the election! Thank you for mentioning that, I had nearly forgotten! When do you think would be a good time to put up the online poll?"
 "I'm dropping out of the election, Lucy."
"I'm leaving the election to join Kitland."

~The End~



  1. Phoebe, I just loved this!! Post the next part soon!

  2. NUU!!! NOT JULIE!!! Well, I don't know if I'm for or against Kitland, because they should have rights, too... So, maybe... Yay, Julie left? @.@ IDK.

    But, despite my indecisive-ness, YAY! I LOVE THIS!


  3. Mmm...this is interesting! A Doll Divided...I <3 THE NAME!! what if all of Creekwater joined Kitland? Wow, Kit is quite the rebel, Phoebe! Our Hawaiian town of Ho'okipa is in such a bad condition. The jobs are flying away. The money is flying away. Everyone hates our hotel. no tourists mean no money. I wish all our misery would FLOAT away..Enough of me being a miser! Your situation is WORSE THAN MINE!!! Well at least we're in Hawaii. And I'm reunited with my sisters again!

    Nani Adelie Santos (a Kanani doll)


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