Monday, August 13, 2012

La Dee Da Doll Review

This is going to have a lot of photos and a lot of words.
You've been warned.

 Recently (okay, the 1st of August) I had the pleasure of finding a La Dee Da doll in Target for the first time! So of, course, I bought one! The one that I got was City Girl Dee. As far as I know, Dee is the only one with a City Girl version. This is one of the many photos of her in her box. Isn't she adorable?
 Just, precious, right? Well, Dee is part of the La Dee Da doll series which is a group of aspiring fashion designers who go to design school in New York City- hence all of the crazy themes in the two other lines (Sweet Party and Runway Vacay)- and have a fashion label called, yep, La Dee Da! Dee came with an adjustable dress (explained later), a blue cardigan, red leggings that can be adjusted, blue heels, a pair of dee-lightful ;) earrings, a flower for her hair, a bow that can be moved, a doll stand, a little book with a craft in it, and a folder with stickers.
 Closer view of her face. As you can see, one of her eyes has blue-ish green spikes in the make up. I'm thinking that since this is the City Girl version this is meant to be based after the Statue of Liberty. It may seem obnoxious a little, but it's really quite cute!
Her hair has red underneath and in the bangs. Also in the bangs are some shiny pieces, which are really cute. Her hair is easy to manage. Although I haven't tried to style it yet, it's pretty easy aside from the fact it keeps getting stuck in her earrings.
Speaking of earrings, one of them is a yellow pair of scissors, and the other is a blue sewing machine! They're super cute, but my photos of them didn't turn out well enough to share.
The flower in her hair, which is kind of cropped out.... whoops, can be removed with some initial difficulty of taking out the plastic holding it in. However, after that it's difficult to stay in and, much to my disappointment, it is too large to take the place of the removable Velcro bow on her dress.
A closer look at her dress and jacket. The jacket is really cute and I'm very fond of this piece! But you do have to take off her bracelet/pin cushion in order to get it off.
And that dress! I just love her dress! The print is simply adorable and the bow can be moved off of her waist and down to the cute pink tulle around the hem. (This is where it is right now on Dee.)
 Also, on the back of her dress there is a red ribbon sticking out that you can pull on to change her dress style. This is also very cute, but then you'll have this random red ribbon sticking out of her dress.... but that can be dealt with. (I apologize for my poorly done nail polish! :P)
 The dress in it's other form. This is also how Dee is wearing hers right now. I actually prefer this style to the other despite the tail she has.
 ONTO THE LEGGINGS!! Sorry about the red background. When I set this up I didn't even realize that she would match her backdrop. Hey, fashion miracle! Just kidding, I know nothing about fashion. XD
Anyway, with her leggings worn as high as they can, like she came in the box, it gives the illusion of mid-calf (?), red, fish-net tights. But wait just one second, because they aren't tights! They are leggings!
 So this means that you can pull them down and have leg warmers! How cute! This is probably one of my favorite adjustable things about this doll. I don't think the others have anything adjustable about them, but they have plenty else. ;)
 Here's a look at her knee joints. She bends only at the knees, hip, and shoulder. Her head also rotates from side to side but it doesn't go up and down at all hardly.
 This is as far as her knees bend. :)
 And her shoes! They are very cute little blue and red heels made out of Polly Pocket-like rubber. So, because of this and the fact that she's top heavy she cannot stand on her own. Luckily they give you a stand! It attaches just above her knees.
 Here are the little extras she comes with. The folder is like shiny paper, so it might not do too well with little girls. The folder is still very cute and conveniently holds three "sketches" of her outfits she has dee-signed. One is the Dee from Runway Vacay called Bollywood Bright, the middle one is Cyanne as Peppermint Rose from Sweet Party. The one on the far right is her dog, Le Bun. These are stickers that you could put somewhere, which is really cute! But I'm keeping mine as sketches for Dee. :)

This is with all of the dolls that I had around conveniently, with the exception of one who shall be posted on at a later date. 
 Rebecca (American Girl) next to Dee. AG is MUCH bigger than La Dee Da. He he...
 Mini Ivy (miniature American Girl) next to Dee. The minis are around six inches, I believe.
 (Please excuse my lovely cat in the next few photos, she's kind of an attention hog when the camera is out. ) Dee next to Frankie (Monster High). These two are about the same height, but Dee has a much larger head and the two have similarly shaped posture.
Dee next to a Halloween Barbie.
 Dee next to my lovely Hayden (Liv). Hayden and the Livs are taller than Dee by around a couple of inches, but the two dolls are built very differently. Liv's have a more realistic body shape while Dee has the same kind as Monster High (kind of), with an arched back and a bottom that's kind of big. But, Dee doesn't have one nearly as big as Frankie's.
Okay that was awkward to wright....
 Dee next to Bella (16 inch American Girl Bitty Baby, same size as Bitty Twin.)
 Dee next to Kadence (BFC Ink doll).
(Isn't Kitty so pretty?? *squeee!!*)
Here Dee is next to a tiny doll I found in my basement recently! They're called Yummi Land dolls and are no longer available. They are much smaller than Dee is, but I found something interesting about them.

See how similar their faces are? Or is it just me? Well, I thought that they had a similar look in the face, the shape of it and such. I thought this was interesting and just wanted to share. Maybe the same minds behind Yummi Land are the ones behind La Dee Da? If you know anything about this I would love to know!

Anyway, all in all I would have to say that I just love Dee. She is gorgeous and very nice. I love her wardrobe and all the possibilities to change it! Along with that, the rest of the line is very cute as well and I'll probably be adding a few of those to the top of my desk with Dee. (Like Tylie as Kabuki Cutie and Cyanne as Viva La France!) Although her joints aren't as extravagant as other dolls, she is still just wonderful!

Unfortunately, though, one day when I went out for a small photo shoot with Dee I noticed that she had gotten a blue mark on her nose and chin. This was likely my own fault, even though I have no idea what I did but I can be pretty clumsy. D: I've tried to use soap, a magic eraser, and a dryer sheet per suggestion of my mom but none of it worked! If anyone also knows how to take off this stain I will love you forever and mention you in a post sometimes. <3 strong="strong">

Well, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my dee-lightful post! (Okay I think I've worn out that joke now.) What do you think of these dolls? If you would like to see the other dolls that La Dee Da offers you can visit their website here where the dolls are shown and there are some other fun activities. :)

Peace Out!


  1. Hey! I just got a blog but I've been reading your blog for a while. She's super cute! As for the stain, try Oxy 10 (or anything with 10% benzol peroxide, I think). You can get this at CVS or Rite Aid. I know this works on American Girl dolls, and I think it works on Barbies. stevenswodadancer has a video for how to do this on youtube, so check that out to get instructions on how to do this. I've never tried it on any doll except for an American Girl doll, so I don't know if it will work. Also, if you don't want to put your doll out in the sun, you could try it by a window (that last part only makes sense if you know how to do this or if you watched the video).

    Hope this helps!

    ~ S ~

  2. Nail polish remover always gets stains off of all of my dolls, even my Liv dolls and barbies. Hope you get that stain off! :)
    - Madison

  3. I agree with the two above! But if Dee's face is soft like a Barbie, Oxy might not work.

    Yummi Land Dolls were made by MGA Entertainment. La Dee Da is made by Spin Master.

  4. Cool, I'm really interested in La Dee Da, and I'm glad to see that you gave her a great review. She really is just adorable.


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