Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School, bro.

So today is my last day of summer break. Which is sad. But hey! Actually on second thought I can't think of a positive thing to say there.
Anyway, because of this I decided to do a post similar to my beginning of summer post!
If you remember (you probably don't, I hardly did!), this was going to be my "Summer Of Accomplishing Stuff". That didn't work out the way I wanted it. XD
So, here's what I expected myself to do over the summer:


"Photography FTW~!!"
In other words, take a lot of pictures, post a lot of stuff, get a lot of followers.... etc....
Here's what I actually did:
"One day the grammar on the internet is going to kill me."
AKA, traipse about the internet and accomplish next to nothing on a daily basis!

But about those goals I set for myself:
  1. Character development. On all the characters.
  2. Learn stuff/work on photography. :D (this one's my favorite)
  4. Do some really awesome thing with the girls.... It's a surprise, but I'll give you a hint. It's based off of something that we just studied in Social Studies and something that I actually mentioned on this blog!
And what happened with that?
  1. Well, I didn't develop characters the way I thought I would, but throughout the ADD stories I feel like I know some of their personalities better! So this one is accomplished! :D
  2. Erm, the past two months I haven't exactly had my camera around very much.... *face of shame* But I did do the 30 Day Challenge and that taught me several things about photography! Besides, I have made some pictures I'm quite happy with recently! So, mission accomplished enough!
  3. Click here and click here. Oh yeah. Accomplishing goals like a boss.
  4. That's ADD, which I have started. So that's obviously accomplished! :P
All in all, I've done pretty well with my goals,except for maybe the first two which aren't exactly as I would have liked to see them done. But I think that I did just fine!
Besides, even though I didn't accomplish a lot of stuff like I said I would, I finished my summer reading and enjoyed myself when I did literally nothing for days on end! And that's what's important, kids.

How was your summer? :) When do you go back to school?

I love you all,

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  1. You did much better than I did for the stuff I wanted to do this summer; that's for sure! :D But I still had fun over the summer stalking the Internet and YouTube. ;) And for going back to school... well, I would hope you know the date. ;D



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