Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated Room Tour with Samantha!

 "Hello! It's Samantha here today and I thought that I would show you the way around our newly redesigned doll room!"
 "First off, I'll start in the living area. This is the spot just in front of the door when you walk inside. Here there are some inflatable couches from Build-A-Bear."
 "Over to the side of the living area between it and a bedroom is the music table. This is where we keep all of our instruments and the phonograph. Basically the only reason we have this is because we needed a place to put the table and Phoebe really wanted to make a music table."
 "Right over to the side of the living area is our new bedroom! First there are two beds from Ikea and Marisol's dance trunk."
 "Past the two Ikea beds is where our Our Generation canopy bed is with the dresser we turned into a bookshelf!"
 "Across from the canopy is another Our Generation trundle bed next to a small jewelry box that has been turned into a bedside table."
 "In the other bedroom, which is right between the two doors where the big table used to be Phoebe moved the bunk bed we bought at a yard sale."
"Next to that is Mia's bedroom set!"
 "Back on the otherside of the room close to the first bedroom is where we moved the big table. Underneath is where our two other doll tables are creating the dining room."
"Placed in the small corner between the table and the wall is where the kitchen is now!"
 "On top of the table is an expanded part of the towns, the small doll area for Livs, a couple of Barbies, and Frankie from Monster High."
"Next to the kitchen we have this wall underneath a window that was kept empty for random purposes!"
 "Now, inside the closet! Half of the closet is just used for storage for things that were in the doll room before that Phoebe doesn't want sent to the basement just yet."
 "On the other side of the closet is the bathroom where we have a vanity area, a bathtub, our pet birds, and an ironing board."
 "Well, that's about all I have for you today! Thanks for joining me! If you would like a closer look at any of the rooms just comment below and we'll be happy to make one! You could even request a doll to do the tour, but we know that doll would be me, wouldn't it?"

Thanks for reading. ;)

(Sorry if this is kind of lame. It's the middle of the night. *yawns*)


  1. I loved your AG doll room its simply awesome! Nice post :)

  2. Absolutly dollmazing! Dollsome!


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