Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Need A Plan (ADD)

Hey so here's the next part of A Doll Divided. I just felt like shooting this one in black and white, so it's in black and white. Also, I was getting really frustrated and completely and totally upset while making this so I apologize for the blurry pictures. Lastly, it's the middle of the night and I normally don't post now so I apologize in advance. ^_^

 It was late during a rainy day and the members of Creekwater were gathered round discussing, or rather arguing, about what to do next.
 Chrissa and Lucy were currently going after one another throats about the issue.
 "Look, Chrissa, I don't care what you do! You are not going to change the plan and we will fight to restore Creekwater. There is NOTHING you can do about it!" shouted Lucy to the previous mayor.

 An equally aggravated Chrissa was eager to respond. "I'm not trying to change anything, Lucy! I just want to let Kitland be and soon enough we'll resolve this problem!"
"That's exactly what we're doing!" added in Gwendolyn. "We always give them whatever they want, whenever they want."

 "Yes," continued Chrissa. "And that is the way it should stay. We don't want to start something we can't win!"

 "What do you mean we can't win? Creekwater is completely capable of winning and will win in a matter of no time!" Molly countered Chrissa's unpatriotic opinion with one of her own.
 Maggie, sister of the mayor, jumped in next. "I agree. Creekwater is strong and we can do this quickly."
"Yeah? And how exactly? We need a plan! We have no idea what to do!"
"Do we really need a plan? Kitland will soon come crying back after they realize their mistake."
"Yeah! Cammrie has already started to break and Jessica never wanted to be there to begin with!"
"Well, I have a plan!" Lucy broke back into the conversation. "We just have to cut them off from everything they need and separate them, tearing them apart."
"That would work, but how?" Molly inquired into the plan.
"The new room layout definitely helps us on that. It works to our advantage perfectly," Maggie continued to back her sister.
"It could," McKenna said as she stepped forward. "But that really gets us no where!"
"We need strategy!"
"We need resources!"
"We need allies!"
The meeting broke out into complete chaos with everyone yelling and getting absolutely no where. There were a couple of fights that were prevented, as well.
"Um, guys? Uh... um... Guys?" Lilianna mumbled from her unnoticed spot outside the group.
Everyone immediately turned to look at the usually quiet little blond.
"Well, um, sorry for yelling and all but... what about the election?"
"Oh yeah, that too."


Hope you enjoyed! This one was not fun to make but it was important. The next one will be awesome, though!!! :D



  1. YAY! This is awesome. I like how Lucy's just like, "Oh, yeah... that election thing." at the end. XD


  2. this is soooooo cute and funny! i look oward to seeing more. I have a question. will there be a war actually in the doll divided things?? thxs!!

  3. This is so awesome, Phoebe!!!:D

  4. Thank you! There will be something that resembles a battle but I will try my best to have limited violence and it will mostly just be funny. :) Like, for instance, Felicity's weapon is a plastic recorder and Mia has a frying pan. ;)

  5. Can't wait to see the next part! Just what does it mean when it says Cammrie has started to break?


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