Saturday, September 29, 2012

If my friends were dolls....

Been a while, huh? But somehow I now have 108 followers and 50 subs on YouTube.
Dude I love you people. You make me feel good at something. Speaking of which... you know how I have mentioned before how I play clarinet in my school's concert band? Well on Tuesday I had my chair audition and gained a lovely spot at first chair! :D
(If you didn't know how the chair system works, for the instruments with multiple parts in a song [like 1st part with higher notes and melody, 2nd with lower and sometimes the accompaniment] chair placement dictates which part you will play. The better the player, then you would have a better part, or the more difficult/the melody/super duper high notes/ohmygoodness how on earth do you expect me to play that string of 16th notes speedy rhythms. First chair would then be the "best" position and going down from there you would have others who play different parts, depending on the section and the song.)
I KNOW, RIGHT??? HOW DID I DO THAT?? No idea, man. No. Freaking. Idea. But it's awesome. I out did this girl who's super amazing and everyone assumed she would get 1st chair. But I did. :P It's my "poetic justice" as Christine said.

I just wanted to share that with you, this makes me very happy for all sorts of reasons.

Over at American Girl Contest I've managed to reach the 9th round, and I wanted to share with you the last entry I did for this.
This was my entry for the round "Remember You".
"Remember all the good times with you" is lightly edited onto the picture between the feet of the dolls standing behind Evey. There's a story that goes behind this photo and since the results of the round are published now I wanted to share this with you guys.
The scene I tried to show through this photo was how Evey was separated from the group of other dolls who are her friends. She's separated off of them and therefore has to "remember" the times they shared together which she enjoyed.
I came up with this idea due to the fact that this year I have a different lunch bell from all of my friends (except for Baylie). This might not seem like that big of deal, okay it probably isn't. But lunch was very important to our social order last year. That's when all of the awesome inside jokes came up! All of them! Okay, except for an occasional joke in Social Studies about the awesome Mr. C (who I miss dearly) or some things from math which I'm now very bitter about. (I could go on for ten pages about that, though.) So this is kind of a big deal to me, I probably won't know about most of what goes on with them anymore.
Just so you know, it doesn't really bother me that much anymore. :D I really enjoy sitting with Baylie most days. She's awesome.
But why did I post this? Well, because I dressed up my dolls as my friends and I thought it was cool and wanted to show you.
Uhg, now I have to get up to get the camera and it's SD card. -_-
 This is Lucy as my friend Christine, who wrote Mr. Cloud. She's awesome. Only her glasses are really black all over. These were the closest I had. But she is awesome none the less.
Sonali was *supposed* to be a friend who skipped a grade and is actually a year ahead of the rest of us. She has glasses and I've only actually seen her wear them once, but I felt like adding this so I did.
And her name is Koshala.
 This picture would have turned out really nice if it weren't so windy!
But anyhow, this is Erin portrayed by Rebecca. Her clothing style is probably a little off cause I'm not really around Erin on a daily basis anymore. But you get the idea. Erin and I also go to the same church which is the awesomeness of all awesome things. Or something like that.
This is Molly dressed as Miranda.
Nuff said.
 Hannah! :D Hannah (aka McKenna) is awesome. :3 She's so nice that I don't think I can fully explain how nice and awesome and talented she is. I lurv her. (I hope you read this, Hannah! :D)
Elizabeth's hair does not cooperate in wind. I learned that when I made these pictures. It was not a pleasant experience.
So anyway, this one is supposed to be Chloe. :D She's super duper awesome! We created a fort/city called Sharks, Sharks Everywhere.
My writing was really bad in this post. Please forgive me.
So yeah I'm really tired and it's almost one in the morning. So peace out, I love you guys.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ddalgi is home~!


Guess what? Ddalgi is home!!

Actually she's been home for a week. I've just been really busy. In fact I still am kind of... which is why it's 11:30 where I live. BUT ANYWAY.....

My little Strawberry is home and I love her dearly~!
My very first Pullip and she's just fantastic!
She's positively gorgeous and really the only real problems I've had with her is that her knees and a shoulder have come out of joint once or twice but those were easily fixed. However, this definitely isn't a doll for younger people. That would not end well. Which means my younger cousins won't be allowed in the same room as my Strawberry Princess.

 A better shot of her clothing, which is awesome. She has a dress, and apron, a tie, striped leggings, green garden style boots, and a headdress (the last two not pictured). It's all very cute and nice. ^_^  She's just so wonderful~!
 If you didn't know this about Pullips, they can move their eyes! Here Ddalgi is with her dark green eyes looking off to the left....
 .....and forward....
....and to the right! :D This is really cool, and along with the rotating of the head on the neck (which moves just like AGs do) this is a really cute feature!
 BLOWING KISSES <3 p="p">Along with the movement of the eyes to the left or right, Pullips also can blink! :D Isn't that awesome?? Little Ddalgi has very bright , hot pink eye makeup. I wasn't too fond of this at first, but it's growing on me. I think it would look better when she isn't wearing red. But unfortunately those are the only clothes I have that will fit her! Haha Etsy here we come...
 I love this photo. Nuff said.
 <3 beautiful="beautiful" doll.="doll." excuse="excuse" froth="froth" i="i" lease="lease" me="me" my="my" over="over" p="p" while="while">This would be a nice time to point out the hair... Her wig is very long and soft right now. But Miranda said that if you brush them they get really messed up. So I don't exactly know what's going to happen there.
Also, some especially OCD readers have probably noticed a chink out of her bangs. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think we all have a little of that in us. ;D) Annoying, right? It bothers me a little bit the flaw in such a lovely creation, but it just makes her more unique. Like she's really one of a kind and special. :)

But it's still bothersome and asymmetrical.
Her purse!! :D Isn't it adorable? It really fits with the cute mixed up patchwork of her outfit. :3
 With the headdress! I think that's what it's called. I love this photo. And my little Strawberry. <3 p="p">
 SUDDENLY CAMERA SHY!! Haha, I don't know what I was thinking when I did this. Just playing with posing. :P This was the afternoon on the day after she came, so I was still playing with poses. Okay, I still am and will be for a long time. But how can you not?? She's positively stunning.
Well, thanks for reading my awkward Pullip post! I basically just ogled over her the whole time, but hey. That's fine.

If you're observant you may have noticed something different about my photos for this post. I watermarked! *le gasp* I never wanted to do that because I felt like it gave my photos a certain prestige that they didn't deserve. But this afternoon I had the lovely opportunity of having a photo of my dolls stolen. For the second time. So it's time to spend about twice or three times the amount of time in order to watermark. Which means less frequent posts because I'm lazy. But it also means nicer photos because while I'm there I might as well auto fix too! :D Some of these were, but not all. I didn't like the way PicMonkey changed a few. They looked too washed out in my opinion.
So long story short for a while now I'll be having this little logo with "DoppE Photos" hanging around in the corners. The name explanation is another post entirely. ;)

Back on track, I would love to hear what you have to say about Pullips! :D
If you didn't notice, I love them.

p.s. I finished writing this at 12:10..... I can get distracted online.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Insane Happenings with Best Friends

Today I wanted to post, but I don't really have anything to post about! So I decided to do a weird goofy post. May I introduce your writers for today?

HI!! Yo.
I'm Felicity and today me and my best friend Evey are going to show you some old photos or edits on Phoebe's abyss of a file system and share our thoughts.
Um, my best friend and I, Felicity. Also I wanted to intro. But whatever.... so yeah. Right now I'm in my random circus performer casual couture.
That's just a weird name for a lame cosplay.
Haters gonna hate, bro. So let's do this thang.
OH MY GOSH!! Let's do that one!! hehehe
Hehe, yeah. If you didn't see our Land shark Music Video, this is a picture from that. Actually the original was from when we were as Mr. Cloud characters.
Oh yeah...I was just kind of there since I didn't have a part. :( BUT I HAVE ON THOSE AMAZING KLAINE SOCKS!!! Can we tell them about that??
That's a story that should never be told to the internet, Felicity.
*sigh* Fine. But that was really fun when we did those photos!
Even though they were all really lame! :D But I'm glad we're done with that now.
She doesn't like Sewer Rat very much.
I hate him with a burning passion.
Let's move on now.....
Let's do this one. It turned out kind of nice, actually.
Yeah it did! I love this photo!! Aww don't you just love LOVE??
Anyway this is from a music video we started to do for Taylor Swift's birthday last year. Only the pictures all turned out blurry and we never finished editing. This is one of maybe ten or so that actually turned out nice!! I think we should finish this.
We should! That would be really nice if we had the time.
NO. JUST NO. ....only if I get to be Blaine.
I think Daphne would be Blaine. And I would be Kurt, obviously.
We were supposed to talk about this Taylor Swift quote, Evey.
Whatever. They love us anyway.
UGHH...why?? He might identify as a woman but I do not like being forced to dress up as this red headed reaper!!
But then I could be William.... and we would be awesome.
Very few readers will understand this, Evey!
BE MY WEEKEND LOVER BUT DON'T BE MY FRIEND~!! (If anyone knows what song this is, then ten points to you.)
Felicity don't sing while we're posting.
We're so off focus already I figured it couldn't hurt.
True. But anyway, this quote is actually from fan fiction.
Phoebe reads a lot of fan fiction.
Yeah. Like an unhealthy amount.
You guys stay out of my personal affairs!
That's what she has in place of a social life.
Well.... yeah, pretty much.
But whenever she finds a quote from something she really likes she'll write it down. Or in this case edit it onto a photo.
There's another one where it's a picture of my foot and she has a quote with really bad grammar. But we put the title of the fan fic on there and I don't exactly remember what that one was about....
Well that was fun. Let's do another one, Evey!! One more!!
This is such a pretty picture of Jessica~!
Yeah. Plus it's about Owl City. :)
Oh yeah... can I explain this onee?? PLEASSSEEE??
Fine, my darling, go ahead.
YAY! So this is an edit Phoebe did really recently for a weird idea she had. A video what we would listen to on our iPods!! But she'll probably never post it unless you guys would like to hear it. :)
She likes to watch these for Black Butler. WHICH IS WHAT I'M IN COSPLAY FOR RIGHT NOW!!
Evey you're always in cosplay.
So anyway this was Jessica's iSomething which for her is iHoot Owl which is the fan name for her, Lilianna, McKenna, our lovely Evey, and Phoebe's favorite music group. Which is Owl City.
Even though it's one guy. Or was when he still released meaningful music anyway. (I still love you though, Adam.)
And her song was Deer in the Headlights by none other than Owl City!! Mine was Candles, the Glee cover of course.
And mine was Movie Song by HeyHiHello!! GREATEST SONG EVER.
Well this was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did~!
Peace out, folks. See ya around the block.
Bye bye!!
Phoebe, Evey, and Felicity :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Strawberry in Korean-A Pullip on Her Way!

HI GUYS!!! I'm really happy right now!
Well, if you couldn't figure out by the title... there is a Pullip on her way. To my house! Yeah, I know! I bought my first Pullip today! :D I'm so excited!

The one I bought was Ddalgi, whose name means "strawberry" in Korean, hence the post title.
(I do not own this picture.)

Here's her stock photo for a reference. ;) I've had her picked out pretty much since I first visited the PullipStyle sight.
I've been saving my money for a while now, ever since McKenna, and I've built up $300 so I decided it was time to order a doll. But why didn't I just wait until tomorrow and get that lovely blond Caroline? Well, I have quite a few AG dolls already if you haven't noticed. Also my mom brought up the point of how it would be much simpler for someone other than myself to order a Caroline for Christmas while figuring out how to do this was quite a task. ;)

I'm so excited about Ddalgi! I can't wait until she gets here! This is going to be what gets me through this next week, quite honestly! :D
I would love to know what you think of Pullips. :) Oh, how exciting~!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lovey Love (You should read this)

So this afternoon I came back from my friend's house after we made a doll video about them robbing a bank/post office (you should anticipate this highly) and I opened Internet Explorer planning to listen to that one Ed Sheeran song I like on YouTube and study for my geometry test on Wednesday and I noticed something: I have 100 followers.
I love you guys so much. This could not have come at a better time. Really, you have no idea.
(EPIC KATIE PHOTO!!! :D I loved her shots from this day....)

Quite honestly, when I walked in my house after I got back this afternoon I was thinking about a post to share with you guys... and it wasn't a good one. Recently I've felt like I've lost my motivation to blog, as well as any inspiration I had left. I just didn't want to blog, like at all. Not to mention I hardly have any time to do so anyway. D: That might be a problem still, but I was considering taking a 'break' for an undetermined amount of time which I might or might not have come back from.

But this one little extra follower (who I love, whoever you are, you have helped me, my darling) has given me motivation to blog again! YAY! I will find something to write, even if it's just a crack doll journal post I will post for you girls. I love you so much.

Recently, I've felt like I've accomplished nothing with my blog. It seems like some girls are being more successful in five months than I have been in two years. I felt like you were going to ignore my little blog and move on... like the era of it's Prussia-ness (or awesomeness, for normal people) was over before it even started. I felt like people had forgotten that I existed here and they essentially didn't care anymore. I didn't feel like a good blogger, but like what I wanted so badly I didn't get the chance to have. I had started to develop a "best friend" of the blogger world. That's not a good thing. The title is given ironically.

You may think this is an overreaction to just one little number, but this number is so much more than just how many people cared enough about what I write to just click a little button. It makes me feel special and important, like I'm not just writing this on the off chance that someone other than myself might read it but like someone actually cared about what I have to say and what I've put effort into.

Seriously, this couldn't have come at a more crucial time. I love you guys so much.

I promise that I'll do something super special for you girls! Maybe another giveaway? Or something else? A special photo story or photo shoot if I can't find something sufficiently awesome for a giveaway? Or a video? I like weird videos. Comment and tell me what you would like to see! :D

Seriously, I love you guys.

On a slightly different note, I think that I'm going to discontinue A Doll Divided for the time being. Yeah, I know. I fail epically at committing to prolonged series or photo series.  But I just don't have any ideas nor do I have the time to post or make these right now. If you want me to, I'll continue it later when I have more time. (which might end up being next summer) But also, please comment (or email me at lovethatdoll(at)yahoo(dot)com!) and tell me if you want me to continue it. If no one cares I don't think I'll pick it up again any time soon. No time and no ideas.

Thank you so much for everything, guys. <3 feel="feel" inspired.="inspired." makes="makes" me="me" p="p" so="so" this="this">
Yes, the title of this post is a song,