Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ddalgi is home~!


Guess what? Ddalgi is home!!

Actually she's been home for a week. I've just been really busy. In fact I still am kind of... which is why it's 11:30 where I live. BUT ANYWAY.....

My little Strawberry is home and I love her dearly~!
My very first Pullip and she's just fantastic!
She's positively gorgeous and really the only real problems I've had with her is that her knees and a shoulder have come out of joint once or twice but those were easily fixed. However, this definitely isn't a doll for younger people. That would not end well. Which means my younger cousins won't be allowed in the same room as my Strawberry Princess.

 A better shot of her clothing, which is awesome. She has a dress, and apron, a tie, striped leggings, green garden style boots, and a headdress (the last two not pictured). It's all very cute and nice. ^_^  She's just so wonderful~!
 If you didn't know this about Pullips, they can move their eyes! Here Ddalgi is with her dark green eyes looking off to the left....
 .....and forward....
....and to the right! :D This is really cool, and along with the rotating of the head on the neck (which moves just like AGs do) this is a really cute feature!
 BLOWING KISSES <3 p="p">Along with the movement of the eyes to the left or right, Pullips also can blink! :D Isn't that awesome?? Little Ddalgi has very bright , hot pink eye makeup. I wasn't too fond of this at first, but it's growing on me. I think it would look better when she isn't wearing red. But unfortunately those are the only clothes I have that will fit her! Haha Etsy here we come...
 I love this photo. Nuff said.
 <3 beautiful="beautiful" doll.="doll." excuse="excuse" froth="froth" i="i" lease="lease" me="me" my="my" over="over" p="p" while="while">This would be a nice time to point out the hair... Her wig is very long and soft right now. But Miranda said that if you brush them they get really messed up. So I don't exactly know what's going to happen there.
Also, some especially OCD readers have probably noticed a chink out of her bangs. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think we all have a little of that in us. ;D) Annoying, right? It bothers me a little bit the flaw in such a lovely creation, but it just makes her more unique. Like she's really one of a kind and special. :)

But it's still bothersome and asymmetrical.
Her purse!! :D Isn't it adorable? It really fits with the cute mixed up patchwork of her outfit. :3
 With the headdress! I think that's what it's called. I love this photo. And my little Strawberry. <3 p="p">
 SUDDENLY CAMERA SHY!! Haha, I don't know what I was thinking when I did this. Just playing with posing. :P This was the afternoon on the day after she came, so I was still playing with poses. Okay, I still am and will be for a long time. But how can you not?? She's positively stunning.
Well, thanks for reading my awkward Pullip post! I basically just ogled over her the whole time, but hey. That's fine.

If you're observant you may have noticed something different about my photos for this post. I watermarked! *le gasp* I never wanted to do that because I felt like it gave my photos a certain prestige that they didn't deserve. But this afternoon I had the lovely opportunity of having a photo of my dolls stolen. For the second time. So it's time to spend about twice or three times the amount of time in order to watermark. Which means less frequent posts because I'm lazy. But it also means nicer photos because while I'm there I might as well auto fix too! :D Some of these were, but not all. I didn't like the way PicMonkey changed a few. They looked too washed out in my opinion.
So long story short for a while now I'll be having this little logo with "DoppE Photos" hanging around in the corners. The name explanation is another post entirely. ;)

Back on track, I would love to hear what you have to say about Pullips! :D
If you didn't notice, I love them.

p.s. I finished writing this at 12:10..... I can get distracted online.


  1. I did notice the watermarks. :)
    I'm so sorry about your pictures being stolen! Also, I couldn't read the watermarks, so somebody could take it and say it was theirs if it couldn't be read {I don't mean to be mean or anything, I just want to let you know. You might want to make them a little bigger.}.

  2. Wow, she's so gorgeous! <3 We need to seriously take pictures of our Pullip's together and having fun. COLLAB TIME!!! ;'D Um, anyways, you have some Liv doll clothes, right? I've heard that those fit Pullips. And so do Blythe clothes, and Bratz clothes, and ya know, pretty much any Fashion Doll sized clothing! (Except Barbie, but I already told you that! ;D)


  3. Strawberry is cute! Don't worry about the watermarking, someone used my doll edit and that was not appreciated O.o So don't worry! I may start watermarking mine soon, but I don't know what my mark should be :P


  4. Wow, Ddalgi is soooo pretty!!! :)
    I tagged you on my blog!

  5. hey remember me? haha:) (seriously though i'm a stranger now :O) but do you know what happened to Leanna? she deleted her blog and twitter and I can only find her on pintrest! we emailed each other a ton but then she stopped and idk what happened to her and ugh ugh idk where she is!!!!!!!! or how to contact her anymore! so did she like just leave... and if you are reading this leanna I MISS YOU!!! COME BACK!! im just sad now :(

  6. These are truly beautiful! :)
    xo Tilde


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