Saturday, September 29, 2012

If my friends were dolls....

Been a while, huh? But somehow I now have 108 followers and 50 subs on YouTube.
Dude I love you people. You make me feel good at something. Speaking of which... you know how I have mentioned before how I play clarinet in my school's concert band? Well on Tuesday I had my chair audition and gained a lovely spot at first chair! :D
(If you didn't know how the chair system works, for the instruments with multiple parts in a song [like 1st part with higher notes and melody, 2nd with lower and sometimes the accompaniment] chair placement dictates which part you will play. The better the player, then you would have a better part, or the more difficult/the melody/super duper high notes/ohmygoodness how on earth do you expect me to play that string of 16th notes speedy rhythms. First chair would then be the "best" position and going down from there you would have others who play different parts, depending on the section and the song.)
I KNOW, RIGHT??? HOW DID I DO THAT?? No idea, man. No. Freaking. Idea. But it's awesome. I out did this girl who's super amazing and everyone assumed she would get 1st chair. But I did. :P It's my "poetic justice" as Christine said.

I just wanted to share that with you, this makes me very happy for all sorts of reasons.

Over at American Girl Contest I've managed to reach the 9th round, and I wanted to share with you the last entry I did for this.
This was my entry for the round "Remember You".
"Remember all the good times with you" is lightly edited onto the picture between the feet of the dolls standing behind Evey. There's a story that goes behind this photo and since the results of the round are published now I wanted to share this with you guys.
The scene I tried to show through this photo was how Evey was separated from the group of other dolls who are her friends. She's separated off of them and therefore has to "remember" the times they shared together which she enjoyed.
I came up with this idea due to the fact that this year I have a different lunch bell from all of my friends (except for Baylie). This might not seem like that big of deal, okay it probably isn't. But lunch was very important to our social order last year. That's when all of the awesome inside jokes came up! All of them! Okay, except for an occasional joke in Social Studies about the awesome Mr. C (who I miss dearly) or some things from math which I'm now very bitter about. (I could go on for ten pages about that, though.) So this is kind of a big deal to me, I probably won't know about most of what goes on with them anymore.
Just so you know, it doesn't really bother me that much anymore. :D I really enjoy sitting with Baylie most days. She's awesome.
But why did I post this? Well, because I dressed up my dolls as my friends and I thought it was cool and wanted to show you.
Uhg, now I have to get up to get the camera and it's SD card. -_-
 This is Lucy as my friend Christine, who wrote Mr. Cloud. She's awesome. Only her glasses are really black all over. These were the closest I had. But she is awesome none the less.
Sonali was *supposed* to be a friend who skipped a grade and is actually a year ahead of the rest of us. She has glasses and I've only actually seen her wear them once, but I felt like adding this so I did.
And her name is Koshala.
 This picture would have turned out really nice if it weren't so windy!
But anyhow, this is Erin portrayed by Rebecca. Her clothing style is probably a little off cause I'm not really around Erin on a daily basis anymore. But you get the idea. Erin and I also go to the same church which is the awesomeness of all awesome things. Or something like that.
This is Molly dressed as Miranda.
Nuff said.
 Hannah! :D Hannah (aka McKenna) is awesome. :3 She's so nice that I don't think I can fully explain how nice and awesome and talented she is. I lurv her. (I hope you read this, Hannah! :D)
Elizabeth's hair does not cooperate in wind. I learned that when I made these pictures. It was not a pleasant experience.
So anyway, this one is supposed to be Chloe. :D She's super duper awesome! We created a fort/city called Sharks, Sharks Everywhere.
My writing was really bad in this post. Please forgive me.
So yeah I'm really tired and it's almost one in the morning. So peace out, I love you guys.


  1. Cool! I play the clarinet too! Just started!

  2. I really liked the thing how you dressed up the doll as ur friends :)

  3. i love dis mon.

  4. How cool!!! I don't think any of my friends look like my dolls, but I would so do this if they did. :)
    I tagged you, too!


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