Monday, September 3, 2012

Strawberry in Korean-A Pullip on Her Way!

HI GUYS!!! I'm really happy right now!
Well, if you couldn't figure out by the title... there is a Pullip on her way. To my house! Yeah, I know! I bought my first Pullip today! :D I'm so excited!

The one I bought was Ddalgi, whose name means "strawberry" in Korean, hence the post title.
(I do not own this picture.)

Here's her stock photo for a reference. ;) I've had her picked out pretty much since I first visited the PullipStyle sight.
I've been saving my money for a while now, ever since McKenna, and I've built up $300 so I decided it was time to order a doll. But why didn't I just wait until tomorrow and get that lovely blond Caroline? Well, I have quite a few AG dolls already if you haven't noticed. Also my mom brought up the point of how it would be much simpler for someone other than myself to order a Caroline for Christmas while figuring out how to do this was quite a task. ;)

I'm so excited about Ddalgi! I can't wait until she gets here! This is going to be what gets me through this next week, quite honestly! :D
I would love to know what you think of Pullips. :) Oh, how exciting~!



  1. Yay! I can't wait to see pictures of her!! <3 And, I have a few Pullips, as you know (well, 1 Dal, 1 Taeyang, and 1 Pullip, but whatever. ;) ) so I think they're awesome! I plan on getting a couple more in years to come. ;3


  2. Gorgeous Doll. I love Pullip and wanna to order this without waiting a single minute at PIJ :D
    Its really awesome. Very Happy to find this here. Thanks!!!


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