Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Guess I'm Back Now

I want to post.
Really badly.
But I don't really know why.
It's been a while, hasn't it?
Well, I want to apologize for that. School has been existing, sadly. There have also been a lot of personal things that have kept me from Blogger. Not that I was busied by that or anything, I just didn't have the emotional energy to put into a post that wouldn't be really depressing. But right now I'm okay to do this. I drooled over Pullips all evening, changed Ddalgi into something really cute, and am currently listening to the music of feels while occasionally reading fan fiction.
But honestly I feel so horrible for being gone that long. I have my reasons but there still aren't enough excuses in the world to explain why I was gone. I had no reason to be. The weekend nights when I stayed up until two in the morning doing nothing were all times which would have been ideal to blog. But I didn't, and I'm so sorry.
Numerous times I almost quit the blog, but that obviously hasn't happened yet, has it? :)

Anyway, nobody read that thing and I have some random pictures of Bridgette and Kitty for you today.




Thank you for looking, my darling.
Not very much going on here, but I need to get back to my lovely blog I love so very very much. <3 p="p">

(Who is totally not against a friendly comment or two. ;D)


  1. I'm sooo happy you're back!!!! I've missed your posts. You're one of my favorite bloggers!
    Don't worry, I'm going through the same thing with my blog. :)
    Ohmygosh, Kitty and Bridgette are so pretty!!! You're an AMAZING photographer!!!

  2. I missed you Phoebe!! :)


  3. love this pics.. I love my BFC dolls too

  4. Yay Phoebe, you're back! I love how Bridgette and Kitty look like they're having a conversation in the first photo. (Am I the only one who thought that?)


    P.S. I should post on my blog as well, but I haven't done anything worth noting... ^^;"


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