Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, bro.

Alright, now that that's out of my system:
For all of the American readers who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you have a wonderful day! Just don't eat too much... ;) For all of those reading this who don't live in the U.S., have a lovely day too!
Anyhow, I thought I would share with you twenty of the things I'm very thankful for today! Be prepared for some slightly random stuff on this list, mixed in with some "Bro, this is serious business" items. Why twenty items? I like that number. It makes me happy, and no that's not one of the items.
  1. All of my wonderful readers who give me motivation and a drive to do something I love.
  2. My dollies, of course. <3 li="li">Family, and the fact that I can be with them today and tomorrow.
  3. All of the wonderful friends I have who are there for me even when I don't really want them to be. :D
  4. My house- and its safety with the recent problems in the New England area.
  5. Internet connection! ;)
  6. The health of myself and all of my loved ones.
  7. My church and all of the wonderful people I know through that.
  8. The fact that I can have a meal today, when others in this country might be hungry.
  9. My camera, oh how I love it dearly~!
  10. Music. That should speak for itself.
  11. Red. The color, the skinny jeans, the Taylor Swift album, and just red.
  12. Braces, as painful and dorky as they may be my smile afterwards will thank them. :)
  13. The Warblers! My favorite glee club from Glee is coming back tonight. Happiness is very happy.
  14. Cats. And animals in general. Well, domesticated animals. I love my dog and our stray cats we feed, and my lovely Budgie. <3 li="li">Blankets, hoodies, and a heater.
  15. Art. Like all art. Like other people's art, photography, my fragment of an ability to draw, and music. (even though I already said music) Basically just creativity in general
  16. AMERICA FRICK YEAH. Hehehe... my freedoms as an American and the opportunity I have here as a person and as a female that others in the world still don't have. Not to mention my first amendment rights to speak and worship as I wish! :D
  17. Conversation. Random, right? But I mean, just think about how awesome it is that we can engage in a coherent conversation with someone! That's kind of a weird one, but just think about it.
  18. (the most amazing for last, yah~) Our God who has grace and love for us, even when we are most undeserving.
Oh, and one more, the fact that this post was miraculously saved when I accidentally hit a wrong button on my laptop. Most terrifying moment of my day.... ^_^"

If there's something you're thankful for today, I would love to hear from you in the comments. Even if you aren't American and don't celebrate Thanksgiving today, just take a minute and recall all of the wondrous things in your life you are thankful for-- even life itself.

Lovey Love,

This was a tad more serious than my usual tone, but I hope you enjoyed~! Thank you for reading.


  1. We're thankful for just about ALL the same things. We are so blessed and we LOVE Thanksgiving because it's our day to celebrate that. Hope you had a WONDERFUL day! xoxo

  2. You've been awarded the "I Love My Followers" Tag! :D


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