Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Dals (Hina Ichigo comes to stay~)

HELLO! Yes, I am alive. School existed, so that should speak volumes in itself.
However~ I am on break now! So Merry Christmas!
Yesterday, the 20th of December, was my birthday too!
So now I'm like old and 15 and stuff.
I had an awesome party of mythical sparkle parties and from my parents I got....
(I apologize in advance for bad photo quality... it was getting late.)
 The Dal Hina Ichigo!!
She's in the Pullip "family" like Ddalgi is, but she's essentially a little sister.
Hina Ichigo is the Dal version of Hina Ichigo from the anime Rozen Maiden (which I may or may not be on episode three of... he he) which is about dolls who are "alive". It's kind of complicated to explain.. but it's really good.
Hina is just the most adorable one and so sweet and I was just immediately drawn to her. <3 p="p">
Here she is with her Rozen key to make the doll come "alive".
(If you watch RM and this is wrong I'm sorry, I'm a little fuzzy on some of it.)
 Hina (and her cuteness) with her favorite food: rice cakes with strawberry filling.
And a box of crayons!

 I just hope she won't draw all over my walls.... ;D

This is a really an adorable outfit, I love it terribly. It even has the same red bow on the back of the pink layer in the mid of her back. She's just so cute. <3 p="p">
When I was taking the previous photo I accidentally popped one of her elbows out of its socket.... so I had to take off the top layer to put it back and thought I might as well show the second layer to her dress.
How improper of a lady to show her undergarments... let's just hope Shinku doesn't know about this. ;)
coughcough But yeah, Hina Ichigo is so adorable and you will definitely be seeing more of her around the blog as soon as I get the chance to post!
She's so much cuter in person. Photos definitely don't do Dals justice.
For a last one, here's a height comparison with my lovely little Miss Ddalgi! She's obviously meant to be the younger counterpart to Pullip, and a cute one at that.
Thank you for reading my semi-dead but not forgotten blog!
You will definately see more Hina and Ddalgi soon. :D But the AGs have not been forgotten, so don't worry.
Love and Merry Christmas,

(Once again sorry for the poor photo quality, it was kind of dark and I really needed to get these done today.)


  1. Hina is so fudging adorable! I kinda read the first four Rozen Maiden books, and I agree with the key making them alive thing. c: But she's so kawaii and I'm glad you got her! :{D


  2. Happy belated birthday!! :D Aw, Hina is SO cute! I love your Pullip dolls.

  3. Happy birthday! :D I swear, this week I woke up and I was like, "It's someone's birthday this week...come on Claire, remember whose birthday it is!" ;) And Hina is ADORABLE. :D Almost makes me want to buy a Pullip for myself :3

  4. Your videos are so nutella-ing funny!!! The Mr. Cloud series is awesome awesomeness. And "Random American Girl Doll Insanity" sounds like what happens at my house on a daily basis. X{D
    (Yes, I stole the mustache smiley idea from Miranda. Sorry, Miranda.)
    Merry Christmas!
    peace, love, llamas,

  5. happy belated birthday!! i really missed your awesome posts. every day i will check my blog and be like did phoebe post anything? i am soo sad when you dont but you are busy and i respect that. have a merry christmas!!


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