Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

 "Come on, Miss Ddalgi! Let's go meet the new people!" Hina Ichigo squealed in excitement as she leaped down the stairs, eager to find the two new Groove dolls to the house.
"Just a second, Hina! I'm coming!" Ddalgi called from carefully sliding down the step above. Anxious to meet the new dolls, Ddalgi was hesitantly coming closer to Hina.
"Oh Shade, I wonder who we'll meet here? Hm," Chelsea pondered aloud to the Taeyang beside her.
"I'm not sure, Miss Nightingale," Shade answered, like any fine gentleman would do.

 "Here, Shade, be a dear and carry this for me, would you?" Chelsea shoved her jacket and purse off to a shocked Shade as she took the lead in finding the other residents.
"Oh," Shade answered, in a suprised tone. "Um, alright."
"Hey look!" Chelsea spotted Hina an Ddalgi off in the distance. "I think that's the other dolls. Let's go talk to them." 
"Hello! I'm Hina! Will you play with me? What's your name?" Hina Ichigo burst with joyful words as she approached the older girl.
"Haha, well aren't you adorable!"
 "My name is Chelsea," Chelsea began the introductions. "And this is Shade."
"Hello, Hina!" Shade greeted with a friendly wave.
 "Oh, who is that behind you, Hina?" Chelsea asked, with a slight tone in her voice. She turned at pointed to Ddalgi, bringing all eyes to her, much to her dislike.
(please ignore her awkward hand placement ._.)
"Oh, um, hello Chelsea! My name is Ddalgi..." Ddalgi started to speak at a barely audible volume. "Nice to meet you!"
Hina started to jump around, trying to catch some one's attention.

 "Yeah. You too, Ddalgi," Chelsea answered casually.
"Hina wants to play with someone!" The little girl shouted, jumping down and receiving a quiet laugh from Shade.

 "COME ON CHELSEA, LET'S GO PLAY!" Hina shouted, as she abruptly dragged Chelsea away from the group.
 "Ah!" Chelsea squealed from behind. "Well, uh, see you later guys!"
"Hello Ddalgi, it's lovely to meet you," Shade said as Chelsea was being dragged away from them by the hyper active Rozen.
"Y-yes. You too."
 "Well, I think that I best be going now! Make sure Hina doesn't get into any trouble!" Ddalgi spoke quickly as she tried to scurry away from the increasingly awkward scene.
 "Well it was nice talking with you today," Shade said, offering a hand for a hand shake of departure.
Hesitantly, Ddalgi shook."It.. was nice talking with you too!"

"Well, I really must get going! Nice to talk to you, good bye!" Ddalgi ran off quickly, trying to avoid the conversation and leaving Shade all by himself in the big room.

 "Miss Dash, would you like more tea?"
 "Uh... someone get me out of here!"
The End! (for now~)
Bonus shot!
I got a little carried away with the tea party idea. SO ADORABLE! :D (Also I got a new camera, a DSLR, for Christmas and have started water marking! Do you like it this time?)

(Oh, and for the record, Shade and Chelsea aren't a couple.)


  1. Shade and Chelsea are adorable! Congratulations!
    Are you excited for Saige? I am! I have my eye on Pullip Alte. You can see her here:
    Not now, though. Maybe in...(insert science-fiction announcer voice) the future. DUN DUN DUN!
    peace, love, llamas,

  2. Wow, I love this!!!! Your photostories are just AMAZING. :) Congrats on getting a DSLR!!

  3. Wait, you got Chelsea?! Chelsea is my favorite Pullip - even if I'm not considering getting Pullips due to lack of funds/I really don't need another thing to collect. ;)


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