Monday, December 24, 2012

O, Christmas Tree!

Once upon a time, two weeks ago on a December night nearing 5 o'clock, the dolls of Creekwater were busily running about setting up the Christmas tree. A certain group was put in charge this year and they were certain the decorations would be fabulous and merry.
"I could have sworn they were in there, Maggie," McKenna Brooks reasoned out her thoughts as her bespectacled friend scrounged about through the holiday box in search of the ornaments claimed to be inside.
"Oh yeah," groaned Maggie quietly with sarcasm laced throughout her voice. "They're definitely in here..." Maggie shuffled another stocking to the side, ready to give up on her search. "Oh wait, here it is."

 Gently lifting up the sparkly purple decorations, Miss Ddalgi was placing the first of many ornaments onto the tree of Creekwater. Being the newest member of the growing town, she was graced with the opportunity to hang the first ornament of the season, an honor she was pleased to carry out.
 The decorating continued among the townsdolls with everything from silver and purple balls to green disco balls, as well as a puppy dog or kitty cat to a Barbie ornament special to this tree. Oh, and no one could forget the traditional pickle! The pickle ornament, hidden on the tree somewhere, is always a favorite among the girls of Creekwater.
Nicole and Jessica were sweetly sitting down listening to the festive music and picking out the next ones to hang on the lovely green branches. They did so wonderfully, leaving only a few of the shining objects left in the egg cartons they were stored in.
 Meanwhile, Evelyne and McKenna distracted themselves with a fun (and slightly torturous) game of "Decorate the Lanie". Lanie, being a good sport, didn't seem to mind except for when the gleeful group left a shiny ball hung in the back of her pretty blond curls.

Finally, everything was done. The tree was trimmed, the lights were on, and the girls gathered round the symbol of the season to take in it's beauty. Even Ddalgi and the other fashion dolls had a tiny pink tree of their own to enjoy. (But of course they were welcome to the big tree, as well.)
 However, something seemed slightly wrong about this decorating. The ornaments were up, the lights were on, the tinsel strung, the tree skirt on, and two purple stockings were even hung on the handles of the desk... but something... something was missing!
"Oh my!" Elizabeth began, noticing the slightly wrong holiday atmosphere. "We left the tree topper off!"
Yes indeed, the tree topper was left off! Being shorter than the tree itself the dolls easily missed this. Luckily the problem was quickly solved with a volunteer from the Liv community. Sophie happily dressed herself in a Barbie wedding gown and donned the shining white wig to be placed as the angel atop the Christmas tree. (However, a particular owner who shall not be named forgot to take a picture of this!)
The End!
Have a very Merry Christmas!
Author's Note: Thanks for reading! I'm sorry for the (again) not so great photo quality... once again it was dark when I made these. (school you troll....) The last three are a little distorted too, but I don't know how to fix that. ._. I hope you like the new look of the blog! Have a wonderful Christmas for those of you celebrating the next two days! Love you guys~~

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  1. This is an AMAZING photostory, Phoebe!!!! :D This blog is just so awesome. Merry Christmas!


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