Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who? Oh yeah, you!

Hey! It's been, like, almost two months?
Well anyway, I'm Phoebe if you've forgotten. ;) And apparently I'm not dead and/or abducted by aliens yet!
I know I took a very, very long and unexplained break but I have been extremely busy. I want to apologize for this, but please understand that my school work comes first. I love you guys so much but honestly I'm quite a boring person most of the time and school (as much as I despise the thing) is my main priority.
I also had a lot of exciting band stuff! Like Honor Band... which was the most amazing band experience of my life. And Solo and Ensemble, which I would rather not discuss.... ehe...

But ANYWAY.... my dolls really haven't done anything exciting recently. They've been resting for a while. However I do have some exciting plans! I've been saving my savings for quite a while (since Miss Ddalgi came home) and I've gotten quite a stash. So guess what? It's time to order a doll.
But I can't decide who! Would you like to help me pick? :D
So I've pretty much un-narrowed it down to these options (which are basically all the dolls I like right now):
  • Saige- American Girl GOTY 2013 (I'm sure you all know our lovely Saige, da~?)
  • Isul NekoNeko MaoMao- He's a part of the Jun Planning Pullip family. On PS he's still on pre-order but I love this one sooo much! He's just so cute! How can you not love such an adorable little darling? :D
  • Dal Classical Alice- Also a Pullip family member. AHOINBIEHKFNVAODIBXK I just now saw her on PS's website. I love this girl so much! Prettiest Pullip Alice I've seen, and Jun Planning does a lot of Alice versions! She's also pre-order but I've wanted this girl since I first learned about her.
  • Docolla Grell Hybrid- So this... this would be a docolla Grell from Pullip on a proportionate body. Obitsu for those who know Pullip, if you don't basically a body regular Pullips have. Only his/her head would be proportioned like a Barbie or other doll. Not two times too large. ;) But Grell is a fabulous character from a show I love to death~! (ha ha... puns) It's Black Butler, by the way. This would require customization and ordering a different body. Which is a plus for me, I really want to start customizing! :D I also just love Grell dearly, he's positively wonderful in so many ways~!
  • Tangkou- This is a Chinese doll brand I just recently discovered. They entrance me for some reason. The eyelids are just so beautiful and they have this unique charm about them I just adore! Besides, who doesn't love a Lolita vampire? Ha ha, well there are 12 dolls at the moment. I'm stuck between Loli and Vampire right now, but leaning more towards Loli.
That's it... It was just going to be four options but then I saw Classical Alice and I totally fell in love. Just like Romeo and Juliet. Only we aren't going to die.Was that in poor taste? Sorry.

Well, if you care to share you opinion, feel free to send a comment! I will also set up a poll to the side if you would like to help me make my decision! :D

On a completely unrelated note, I've decided to listen to a lot (and I mean a lot) of Christian music for the next few weeks! Now, why do I wish to share this? Well, I like Britt Nicole and I'm familiar with some new TobyMac but I don't really know a lot of good artists. If you know any you like I would love to hear about them!

Let's go to another random topic! I'm going to cosplay. (Cosplay: combination of 'costume' and 'roleplay'. Usually, or commonly, a thing for anime fandoms.) Yeah! That's right! I'm actually doing something! I'm going to be Alois Trancy from the previously mentioned Black Butler. :3 I love Alois so much, he's totally under appreciated. (Yeah, I know. He.) I don't know why I felt the need to share this. But if my parents allow I might upload some of my pictures in my wig here!

Anyway, if you read this on my partially dying blog, I love you. I've missed you girls so much and I'm so sorry for not being able to post or having anything fun to say! But I love you guys lots and thank you so much for the continual support even when I'm not the best blogger in the world. <3 br="">
Next time I'll hopefully have something better to say!