Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Awesome!

Hello~ It's been a while again, hasn't it? I'm so sorry... ideas and time are my kriptonite. Yeah. I just made that reference. 
Anyway here's a photo story I created several weeks back. Well by now it's probably more like a month.... I feel like this should have follow up but we'll see.
Enjoy, my loves!

One lovely, spring day several of the girls were gathered around outside. They were enjoying the nice open air and simply chit-chatting happily, discussing whatever came across their minds. Due to the long winter and the busy schedule of the house it had been quite while since any of the girls had ventured outside.
While they were talking amongst themselves, Chrissa spotted a wild Maggie approaching in the distance.
"Hi guys," the wild Maggie said cheerfully, approaching the group. "I've been thinking recently and I realized something! You know what it is?"
A chorus of wondering whispers were lifted up for a brief moment before Maggie continued on.
"We don't have a mayor anymore. We never really held that election," Maggie finished her own statement with a mildly horrified shock.
"Oh my goodness, she's right!" Chrissa chimed to Julie.
"Uh! She is! We never had an election!"
"Huh... so what exactly are we going to do about this? Just have another election?" Lucy inquired the group, though she was just as shocked by this she wouldn't let it show.
"Well, we all know how that turned out last time," Nicole chimed in. "But things have a changed a bit since then too."
"Yeah, I don't know if that would be such a good idea. I mean, do we even need a mayor? She never did anything really," Molly added, reluctant at the idea as well.
"But we have to have a mayor! I don't know about what we did last time but we still should have some sort of representative!" Chrissa added, with strong feelings as she was the first mayor of the small Creekwater community.
"I don't know guys. I really don't know what would be best right now," Maggie contributed again as the other girls mulled over the decision.
"I'm not so sure if I like this idea... who would be mayor anyway?" Julie put her thoughts out into the air, not expecting at all what would happen next.
"You guys should elect me to be mayor! I'm obviously the most awesome person here, totally worthy of such a job," Mia burst into the situation, making her presence loud and clear for all to hear.
"Mia you're not that awesome," Nicole added once again to the bizarre situation.
"Yeah, you're not as awesome as I am anyway," Cammrie whispered from the sideline, excitement lacing her barely audible words.
"Well, uh, Mia why do you say that?" Maggie questioned, cautious of how to deal with this situation. Mia is quite an interesting character, after all.
"Obviously I am the only one AWESOME enough to run this city! My sheer awesomeness can totally solve all of our problems. I mean, just think about it, guys," loudly proclaiming her so called reason, Mia threw her arms up into the air, completely unaware of the girl sneaking up behind her.
"I am more awesome, though!" Cammrie shouted as she jumped from behind the red head and sent her tumbling over, protruding a shriek from the fallen girl. "I should definitely be mayor instead."
"Ow..." Grumbling from her new found spot on the ground, Mia tried to regain her level of awesome. 
"You guys are both wrong! I'm awesome! I should be mayor!" Evey suddenly burst into the conversation, wearing a smile and trying her hardest.
"Oh Evey..." Daphne sighed from behind her friend, dreading what was to come.
"NO." Cammrie and Mia commanded in unison, immediately putting Evey back down and forcing her out of the battle of awesome.
"Fine. Whatever... I'm more awesome than you guys anyway," Evey mumbled while she made her way back to the expectantly waiting Daphne.
"Anyway," Mia started again. "I am so incredibly awesome and you guys should just appoint me as mayor. Everybody loves me anyway, if we went to the trouble of the election I would just win anyway."
"Nuh uh," Cammrie disagreed while immaturely pulling on the locks of the girl next to her. This, unfortunately, led to a full on battle.

Cammrie and Mia were tumbled about on the ground warring against one another while Chrissa attempted to gain control.
"Well thank you two for your offers, but I think we should... uh... wait to make a decision," Chrissa's futile attempts did nothing to get the attention of the two self-proclaimed awesome girls.
"Guys," Lucy began with much more authority in her tone. "SHUT UP AND LEAVE."
"Fine," Mia sighed as she led the Cammrie, Daphne, and the slightly-less-awesome-but-still-awesome Evey away from the scene. "I don't need you guys anyway... I know I'm more awesome."

"So, uh, about that election...."
I hope you enjoyed! It's taken me ages to actually post this stuff... I know I'm a horrible person. I just haven't been able to blog recently. School is far too obnoxious and I just haven't felt like I have anything interesting. I keep letting this thing down and I feel horrible about it. It's my metaphorical baby and I kind of let it die. Though it wasn't my fault completely. Blame the school system.
"I am still more awesome!"
"J. Micheal Tatum quote!"
"Ahh~! Stop chasing my awesomeness!"
"I am more awesome and you know it!"

Good day, my loves.
Don't hate me for being a lazy person. X3 I still love you.

Also points to you if you get Evey's last comments. ;) My other hobbies are bleeding into my dolls again....