Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hair Tips: Magic Brush~

Well, okay it's not really magic...
But it is pretty nice.

I've mentioned briefly before that I recently started to cosplay, and this requires wigs, for humans. So my mom and I went to a local Sally Beauty Supply to get a wig cap (it's to keep my hair back~) and while we were there I also got a special brush for my cosplay wigs.
 This brush is from Satin Strands (that's what is says on the handle) and it's made differently from the brushes from American Girl. Instead of having the metal bristles which AG suggests for doll hair, this brush has plastic loops!
But wait, this isn't what AG says to use!
Well, it's still designed for wigs! I've had great success with this brush and my wigs, so I decided to try it on my dolls!

Molly and Gwen both got to try it, and it was a great success! (No pics, sorry.) It didn't damage hair at all, and even softened Molly's usually frizzy hair.

I also tried this brush on my Pullip dolls. A lot of people don't have a good experience brushing Pullip hair, their stock wigs are pretty low quality and they don't go well with the brush AG sells. My friend Miranda had a rather bad experience with her Pullip wigs and AG brushes.

So, I took a chance with this and tried it on Nite (who is Chelsea, she has a new name). Her wig is still soft and beautiful! It didn't create any frizzing like AG brushes did when I brushed her white streak as a test. The Satin Strands brush kept her hair smooth!

Then there was Hina Ichigo....
BEFORE brushing....
and AFTER~!
 I think she looks much better, this brush definitely helped with Pullips at the least! Hina even looks more like her character out of Rozen Maiden now!
(Not mine) source
Her curls are bouncy, with a little bit of styling, and stay in a cute, innocent look which is perfect for Miss Hina.

So, if you're looking for a new doll brush, I would recommend looking into these! I found mine at Sally Beauty Supply but they're probably found other places, too! 
The brush I have is sized for humans, as it is for a cosplay wig. However, they have a smaller, more doll friendly size as well. My brush, Satin Strands Looper Paddle Brush, is priced at $6.99 on the Sally website right now. The smaller one was even less. (The Sally website is out of stock on them, so I don't know what it was exactly.) Compared to AG's $8 brush, plus shipping, I'd say it's worth a shot. ;)

Thanks for reading! 

I am not affiliated with any company mentioned in here, nor am I trying to sell you anything. I just wanted to share my discovery!

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