Sunday, June 30, 2013

New AG Items? Dude.

I'm sure you're all aware that AG has recently released new items. Oh yeah. Exciting.
Actually, I'm genuinely excited about some of the new things!
So are you ready for a wordy post that probably won't make a whole lot of sense and have tons of opinions?!? I AM!

So we have the two new MAGs. I have to say I really like both of these girls. It's honestly been bugging me for a while how AG didn't have a MAG with brown hair, dark eyes, and light skin who didn't have bangs. It's a weird thing to bother someone, but I'm glad they finally got their stuff together. This is a pretty common combination, I'd have to say, and it's about time!

Now this one. I love her. Far too much. I am so happy they finally have this lovely girl. I think the black hair-blue eye combination is really stunning and she is definitely on my list.  
Aside from the fact both of these girls have the same style of wig, I'm really happy with these releases. But the same wig style? C'mon guys, you can do better than that.
 These outfits. Where to begin? Well, I like that hoodie. The stripes are really cute, and since AG is AG they have to have a cutsey pattern and not leave us with the grey stripes I would ideally want. However, I think they did pretty well with this outfit. They also get major cool points for color jeans. (they loose a few for orange though) The shoes are simple and would match a lot, but neither them nor the pants look like very good quality from the website. Definitely not $30...but it's still pretty cute. But I'm not spending $30 for orange jeans.

And that green shirt is alright. Plus those yellow shoes. Man, I don't know how often I have wanted yellow shoes that aren't doll crocs. No sarcasm. Seriously. But these pants. My goodness these pants are awful. One thing I dislike more than I should is denim, non form fitting, doll pants. These are painful for me to look at. I'm being pretty hard on AG now, but I just can't stand these. The outfit wouldn't be bad if they included, say, a cute skirt or maybe took the idea of color skinny jeans and went with a bright blue to match the other embellishments. But these pants are an atrocity.

Now! The red outfit! I have nothing bad to say about this other than the now standard ridiculous AG price. It's red. It has a sweater. A lively patterned skirt. And my goodness those shoes. I want those for myself. That list is so many of my favorite things that I just can't even anymore. So I love this one. I want it. I want it on my black hair-blue eyed dolly. YES.
This thing is cute~ It's kind of pastel for my taste, but I still love it. It's also pretty laid back (not really how I like my doll fashion....). But the pieces would be great. I love AG's leggings! And that shirt is so unique! It would look nice with the white pants from the 2 in 1 Beach Outfit from 2008. It's not bad. I like it pretty well.

Now I'm going to omit things. This could go on for months if I don't.
I feel like I must talk about this. 
Just this idea amuses me far too much. The colors are cute, and for the target age this thing is genius. Besides, I have this odd fondness for circus dolls after reading a certain part in a certain manga. I personally have no reason to get this, since it's almost forty bucks for a cute dress and a bunch of stuff I wouldn't use. But hey, it's still really cute. Even though the dress looks like that gross kind of fabric that's kind of but not quite tarp-ish. Do you know what I mean? ....okay, yeah that was a horribly worded sentence.
You're shoe quality disappoints me, American Girl. I expect better of you.
 (This is the Witch Costume, if you're wondering.)
I like this new hoodie. It's red. And sparkly. And a semi-reasonable price!

Ooh~ Saige and her pretty hair~ I don't really know what to think of this one. I'm not really too big on her Southwest style, but I really like that blue color of the shirt. Plus the white pants, I like white doll pants. But I'm still not too sure on this. It looks really nice together, but it seems rather simplistic and kind of boring to me. But it is under thirty dollars. Oh yeah.

Well, next time I'll do some accessories. And maybe that locker. And eventually I'll get to the post on our wonderful Molly. Oh my... It upsets me whenever they retire a doll. Especially now that the first four will be gone. 

So, in what I have done so far, on a scale of stars with gold star for excessive awesomeness being the top, and red star for showing up being the lowest, I would have to give AG's stuff a green star for participation. The quality is staggering lower as we speak, but I'm too in love with that new MAG. So it evens out.

I would love to hear your opinion on the new AG stuff (or your opinion on my opinion as long as it's polite ;D) in the comments below! 
 Good day, my love!

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