Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photography Time Again

Hello there!
Ahaha... it's summer and I still don't post. But I am now, right?!

Anyhow, yesterday I spent a few hours editing some pictures! They're kind of older, but I wanted to show you anyway! These aren't all of them, but a couple had people in them. :)
 There's Hina, with a tea cup! This was a part of a photo story that turned out pretty blurry...but this one was so nice I had to share it!
 Lanie cosplaying Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler. This was just before my first convention as another Black Butler character....so I couldn't help it. Lanie makes a fabulous Lizzy.
 This post wouldn't be complete without Ddalgi! This is from really early in the year, but I just got a decent edit done. I thought this pose was just too cute!
More Hina.... on a chair.... on a shelf...with her cute little red shoes...and a Rozen Maiden reference. She adds "na no" onto the ends of her sentences, which apparently means "that's why" or "because". I was looking for a quote of the character but found this instead... but Hina's cute enough on her own.

To encourage myself to post more frequently and get out my camera more, I've decided to do another photography challenge this year! Last summer I did a 30 Day Photography Challenge and it was a lot of fun- and challenging!
So this year, I'm one upping myself and doing a 31 day challenge! Ahaha...bad puns.

Pinned Image
Technically it's for the month of May...but whatever. This was my favorite one! My mom found this on Pinterest and I thought this would be the most fun. The guidelines seem more vague compared to what I did last year. This really excites me because I'll have more places to go and more creative photos to shoot! :D

I'm not sure exactly when I'll start this thing off. I may or may not have a convention this weekend and I wouldn't want to start it right before I (hopefully) leave for Indiana.
This being said, with a few days before I begin, I challenge YOU to do this with me!
*cliche Uncle Sam poster here*
If you're up for my challenge, then please comment or email me at lovethatdoll(at)yahoo(dot)com with your posting url! I'd be happy to include your link in my first update and would love to follow your progress along with my own!

Thank you guys for sticking through with me, I love you!
P.S. If any of you would care to look, I created a Tumblr earlier this month! It's not doll related, and mostly anime related stuff. But if you would like to drop by here's my url. :D


  1. Hey, I'm going to Indiana this summer, too! I'm going to visit my family.

  2. Great pictures...I need to take lessons fro m you. Phoebe...what do you think of Molly being retired?


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