Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hello! And Happy Independence Day to all of the American readers!
(and Happy belated Canada Day to anyone in Canada :3)
Because I am me, I had to take some themed pictures for this wonderful day! 
But it's raining... so they're indoor and not my best. 
 Molly and Felicity were my lovely models for today, dressed patriotically for the occasion.
In today's world it seems like everyone can forget about things that days like today celebrate.
 How lucky are we to live a nation where we have the freedoms we do? The principles which the United States were founded on have been influential world wide. Plus, we have lovely AG dolls to call our own. ;)
 But we can't forget why we're able to have the opportunity and freedom here. All of the brave men and women who have fought in the past and today for us to have these blessings definitely are worthy of thought on a day like today. I am the utmost thankful for these courageous people and we're so fortunate as a nation to have people like this defend us.
   On a totally unrelated note, my Pullip Chelsea was another model for today with her blue hair. She has been renamed Nite, too!
Now the nerd in me wants to go on a rant about how Enlightenment ideas effected the Declaration of Independence and in turn the American Revolution's contribution to the spread of democracy in Europe....BUT.... I will save you the pain. ;)

Have a wonderful Independence Day! And hopefully it will be a tad more dry where you live so you can enjoy some beautiful fireworks. :)

(Please try to keep any political opinions out of the comments~ I want to keep that stuff out. It's horribly boring. ;) )

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