Friday, July 19, 2013

Invisible Irony- AG Place Columbus

Hello! I have some exciting news for my 299th post... and this photo story is the best way to tell it!
"Hm...I wonder what this could be!"
"Oh it looks like a new American Girl catalogue!"
"Elizabeth, what should we do today?"
"Ooh, that's so nice!"
"How about just take a nice walk?"
"That's great, Maggie, but you're still a bit off. Try again, it should like this..."
"I would love to have that outfit!"
"You would not believe your eyes..."
"If ten million fire flies!"
"Ah... it's to such a perfect scale..." 
"I wish my hair was that pretty auburn color..."
"Marisol, I need to talk to you about something!"
"Alright but make it quick. I'm running late!"
"Cammrie! How can you say that?! In what world is Sebastian better than William!"
"There are so many pretty things. I wonder which girl will come stay with us next..."
"Uhh... IN ALL OF THE WORLDS! He is one heck of a butler!"

"Wait a second... What's that?"
"There's an AG Place in Columbus?!"
"Wait, what?!"
"Of course..."

Poor Lilianna...
I'm sure all of us know by now about the new store in Columbus, and on Monday I will be lucky enough to go! It's only a few hours away from where I live, and Mia and I will head up on this upcoming Monday!
I'm very excited, I'll probably bring back a doll with me but I can't tell you who yet. ;)
That's mostly because I haven't decided who yet.
I also hope to bring back something special for my 300th post!

So Mia and I will head out early that day... and that's gonna be fun. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! :)

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  1. misspiggy=awesomeJuly 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    SQUEEEEEEEL ok I spelled that wrong. :3 I hope you have fun! Will you take a doll? What dolls are you thinking of getting? I totally recommend Saige! Although some can be a little bratty (I learned that the hard way) but I guess same goes for any doll, right? Wow, I wrote a lot. Sorry! (Bananas.)
    peace, love, llamas,


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